White Transparent Refillable Soap Dispenser

White Transparent Refillable Soap Dispenser

White transparent liquid soap dispenser, wall mounted screw installation, stable and secure, safe to use, suitable for a variety of liquids, such as shampoo, shower gel, conditioner and so on.

Product Details

1. Introduction:

The user simply dispenses the hand under the nozzle and gently presses the button with his hand to dispense the liquid. It is a very hygienic hand washing method, ideal for kitchens, workplaces, medical facilities, hotels and other public places.

2. Specification:

Model number
Product name
White transparent refillable soap dispenser
White transparent

3. Details:

A. The white transparent refillable soap dispenser can be used repeatedly, and the liquid usage can be well observed.
B. Whether it is adding fine sand in the soap dispenser, etc., it can be used normally after cleaning, without worrying about leakage.
C. Ergonomic design, according to the design of the person’s thumb, easy for the user to press the liquid.
D. One year warranty, long life of 300,000 times, long-term use, very cost-effective.

4. Our company’s competitive advantage:
1. 16 years specializing in the production of paper dispensers, aerosol dispenser, hand dryers, hair dryers and other sanitary cleaning products.
2. Provide ODM and OEM.
3. We have our own professional design team, product development engineers, mold design engineers, electronic engineers, and qualified quality control teams.
4. We have very good and comprehensive after-sales service.
5. Our quality standards refer to ISO9001.

5. Buying Guide:

If you still don’t know how to buy our products? These processes can help you very well. The process from inquiry, communication, payment, production, shipment, pick-up, etc. is our purchase guides, you can refer to it.

buying guide

6. Delivery:

Stand export package. PE bag, inner box and carton.

packing and delivery

7. FAQ:

Q: Does this white transparent liquid soap dispenser leak liquid?
A: You can use it with confidence and no leakage.

Q: Is there any other capacity?
A: In addition to this, we also have a 250ml soap dispenser.

Q: Do you have other colors?
A: This regular style is white transparent and we can customize it to your needs.