Wall Mounted Hand Sanitizer Soap Container

Washing hand and body is one of the most important things to help you and your children stay healthy. The hand sanitizer soap container helps eliminate the millions of germs that your hands and body may pick up each day. Perfect for household, hotel, public places, etc.

Product Details

1. Introduction:

Wall mounted hand sanitizer soap container, which made of ABS plastic material, each container has a capacity of 400ml, which conforms to the ergonomic design and is convenient for users to press, everything starts from the needs of users. Top with lock design, waterproof and dustproof, fully ensure the clean liquid, so that users use more safe、convenient and practical.

2. Speification:

Model number
Product name
Wall mounted hand sanitizer soap container
Wall mounted
One year

3. Details:

A. Eliminate shower bottle clutter, fits flat on the wall.
B. Dispense liquids with a push of a button.
C. The hand sanitizer soap container, can be repeatedly filled with liquid, easy to operate.
D. On the surface of the soap container, the scale clearly shows the capacity of liquid in the container.
E. Two ways to install, double-sided tape or screw installation, can be installed on any tile, marble or other wall, just a few minutes.

4. About us:

AOLQ, founded in 2002, is a professional soap dispenser manufacturer. Its product design is novel, the high quality does not leak the liquid built-in pump head is the soap container standard configuration, as a bathroom industry continues to lead the manufacturer, our products in quality, performance, appearance and other aspects can meet the needs of most countries and markets. At the same time, we also research  and production of other products, such as paper holder, aerosol dispenser and etc., now we are more focused on providing users with simple and practical bathroom products, for each family member to provide the best soap container is our pursuit!


5. Our certificate:

We apply for patent certification every year, and we hope all our products can meet the certification and standards of different countries, so that more users have different choices.

our certificate

6. Delivery:

Product size


7. FAQ:

Q: What should I do if the key is lost after using it for a while?
A: We will provide you with the next order, thank you.

Q: Can I use other liquids?
A: Yes, you can load your favorite liquid.

Q: What is the package size of the container? The description only gives its dimensions.
A: The outer box is 450*430*370mm.