Shampoo Bath Liquid Soap Dispenser

Are you upset when you see a mess in the storage rack or sink? So many toiletries take up too much space? AOLQ wall mounted double head shampoo bath soap Dispenser will be your best solution, allowing you to use a variety of different liquids to reduce your cost and save space.

Product Details

1. Introduction:

This double soap dispensor is very widely used in hotel, you can get and replacment shampoo or bath gel easily. On the surface, we print the words “Shampoo and Bath gel”, so that users can recognize it easily.

2. Specification:

Model number
Product name
Shampoo bath liquid soap dispenser
Product size
Liquid soap dispenser

3. Details:

A. The ABS high quality materials, long service life.
B. Transparent container allows you to view liquid capacity.
C. The pump is reliable, no leakage, the liquid outlet is smoothly.
D. Easy to install and saving space, we provide screws for your wall, easy to assemble and separate.
E. Ideal for body wash, soap, shampoo, hand sanitizer, lotion, and more.

4. About us:

As a small and medium-sized enterprise, AOLQ has always strived to keep abreast of the industry giants, so that more users can use cheap, efficient and simple intelligent products, we will continue to improve production technology and improve the cost performance of products, makes our products more life-oriented, intelligent and simple.


5. Our certificate:

We apply for certification or patent every year to protect our products and customers. We attach great importance to the legitimate rights and quality of products and are responsible to users and products.

our certificate

6. Exhibition show:

Participate in exhibitions in different cities every year, let our products spread all over the corners of every city. Whether it is a poor place or a wealthy country, our goal is to make more users use more convenient products and make life easier.

exhibition show

7. FAQ:

Q: What is the capacity of this double-head soap dispenser?
A: It has a capacity of 2 * 300 ml.

Q: Can the words on the product be changed to other ones?
A: Yes, we can produce for you according to your order quantity.

Q: What are your accessories?
A: We will provide you with accessories with keys, screws and rubber plugs.