New Design Bathroom Double Soap Dispenser

New Design Bathroom Double Soap Dispenser

New design bathroom double soap dispenser, adopt electroplating mirror technology, each container can hold 400ml of liquid, easy to fill and clean, large area pressing, easy to get liquid, give you a simple and quick experience.

Product Details

1. Introduction:

The AOLQ double soap dispenser has a new look in a modern style that is simple and generous. It is easy to dispense liquid with the push of a button with one hand. It is neatly installed on the wall, stable and reliable, and completely overcomes the problems such as clutter. Not only for public places such as hotels, but also for bathrooms and kitchens in family life.

2. Specification:

Model number
BQ-8910-2 soap dispenser
Wall mounted by screws
One year

3. Details:

A. Wall mounted soap dispenser with screws keeps the dispenser safe from falling.
B. Easy to install and remove the dispenser, saving space and keeping the bathroom clean.
C. The bottom is made of a electroplate mirror and the above is transparent, which can effectively decorate your bathroom and kitchen.
D. Large area pressing, it is easy to get the right amount of liquid.

4. About us:

Since 2002, AOLQ has been producing quality bathroom hygiene products. With continuous efforts and testing, most of our products now meet the market needs and certifications of different countries. In China, every city has our agents or distributors. In foreign countries, with our credibility and advantages, we and many Well-known brands and companies have long-term cooperation. Today, our products can be used almost anywhere in the world. We will always focus on the sanitary industry and become a long-term leader in the sanitary industry.


5. Our certificate:

Company Certificate

6. Delivery:

Delivery time
3-7 days for sample , 10~25 days for mass production.
By sea, by air, by express


7. FAQ:

Q: I really like this style, can you give me a discount?
A: Thank you, you can tell us the quantity you need first.

Q: With a lock? is it safe?
A: This one haven’t lock and the top cover can be picked up directly. After many tests, it is very safe.

Q: How to keep it clean?
A: Simply wipe with water and a soft rag.