Hand Liquid Soap Dispenser

1000ml manual liquid soap dispenser is designed for use in areas with high traffic and daily use.

Product Details

1. Introduction:

The AOLQ 1000ml manual liquid soap dispenser is designed for use in areas with high traffic and daily use. The large-capacity design reduces the frequency of replacement and improves efficiency, saving users time and money. Efficient manual soap dispenser helps to reduce the spread of bacteria and disease. Black and white colors are available for different users, and we also accept customized services to meet more customer needs.

2. Specification:

Item No.
Product name
Hand liquid soap dispenser
ABS plastic
Product size
White Black

3. Details:

A. Wall mounted installation,easy to install.We would offer the screws together with the machine.
B. Easy to clean.Put some water into the bottle and then press the bottom of the machine’s upper cover several times,then the dispenser can be cleaned.
C. Very elegant design,can meet different countries’ market.
D. Visual windows to check the usage of the inside liquid.

4. About us

We are a professional soap dispenser manufacturer and exporter in Shenzhen with 16 years of experience. We have many different soap dispensers, such as liquid soap dispensers, foam soap dispensers, manual soap dispensers, automatic soap dispensers, bathroom soap dispensers, single soap dispenser, double-head soap dispenser, 3-in-1 soap dispenser, transparent soap dispenser, stainless steel soap dispenser, etc., a variety of different soap dispensers to meet more customer needs and market positioning, we will continue to develop New products, constantly serving more users, allowing more users to have healthy hand hygiene conditions.

5. Exhibition show:

Every year, we participate in foreign clean exhibitions, truly understand the needs of our customers, and promote our products to the world, so that more users try to choose our products.

exhibition show

6. Delivery:

Sample order or trail order: We recommend customer to use courier services such as TNT, DHL, FEDEX. Because we have cooperated with them for a long time. We can get the lower freight price. The delivery time usually is 1-3 days.
Mass production: By sea is the best way. The delivery time is about 25 days. (Based on the QTY).


7. FAQ:

Q: Can I refill the containers with my own soap?
A: As long as it is liquid.

Q: Will your shipment check the quality?
A: Yes, we will strictly control the quality.

Q: Do you accept small orders?
A: Yes, we accept.