Durable Bathroom Double Soap Dispenser

Wall mounted durable double head soap dispenser, simple disassembly and assembly, lock structure, fully ensure the clean, prevent dust and water from entering, use for a long time.

Product Details

1. Introduction:

Wall mounted durable double head soap dispenser can hold 2*300ml liquid, suitable for a variety of liquids, so that you can wash your hair while bathing, simple and convenient, easy to press, is the best choice for your bathroom.

2. Specification:

It No.
ABS plastic
White transparant
Product size

3. Details:

A. The bathroom’s durable double head dispenser is made of ABS, easy to maintenance and cleaning, and with the help of a transparent compartment, you can gain insight into the amount of liquid remaining.
B. With the help of this double headed dispenser, bring your bathroom clean and tidy, plastic bottles can disappear from your bathroom, reduce soap residue and more.
C. Suitable for liquid soaps, body lotions, etc., to ensure that soap is dispensed every time, does not drip or leak, and widely use.
D. Ergonomically designed, one-handed to press, it’s quick and easy.

4. About us:

AOLQ is a manufacturer specializing in the production of bathroom products. The double head liquid dispenser is our main product. It is widely used in family, restroom, public places, etc., using the fourth-generation patent pump head to solve the leakage problem and so on, and has won the praise of many customers. Now this product is very stable and users can use it with confidence. We have long-term cooperation with many customers. Welcome to join us.

Our company

5. Our service:

High production quality control with strict timely delivery schedule arrangement.
International standards quality confirmation.
Multiple choice in terms of design, function and material of productions.
Over 16 years of successful eperience in Hygiene area.

Our service

6. Packaging and Delivery:

1. Payment terms: L/C, T/T, Western union.
2. Delivery time: Within seven days for sample, three to four weeks for mass production.
3. Shipping: Air freight and sea freight according per customer’s requirement.


7. FAQ:

Q: Do you supply accessories?
A: We will send you the accessories together with the products.

Q: Is there a diagram showing the installation process?
A: If you encounter installation problems, we will provide you with technical support.

Q: How many employees do you have?
A: We have a total of 100 to 200 employees.