Double Chamber Liquid Soap Dispenser

Double chamber liquid soap dispenser, commercial soap dispenser is suitable for washroom and other hotel venues, using advanced, sturdy dispensers to avoid dirty problems, this double head soap dispenser adds to your bathroom a unique and modern solution.

Product Details

1. Introduction:

Double Chamber Liquid Soap Dispenser, 100% new ABS material, aesthetic design, each chamber dispenser capacity is 400ml, easy to clean and fill. Suitable for family, school, hospital, hotel and so on.

2. Specification:

Model number
Product name
Double Chamber Liquid Soap Dispenser
Product size
One year

3. Features:

A. With a capacity of 2*400ml, it is easy to replenish liquids, you can add liquid soap, gel soap, shampoo and shower gel.
B. ABS plastic, durable, safe and stable.
C. Fits the finger button, white or chrome button.
D. According to your needs, we can provide you with tape installation or screw installation (conventional)

4. About us:

Founded in 2002, AOLQ is a small and medium sized enterprise specializing in the research and development and sales of bathroom products. We have 100 to 200 employees, including production workers, quality inspectors, procurement personnel, engineers, designers, etc. We have independent stainless steel products factories and plastic products factories, which cover a wide range of areas and are suitable for a wide range of applications.
In the international market, we also make customized production for some well-known brands or companies. In order to ensure that the products we provide meet the expectations of our customers, we implement a comprehensive quality inspection policy for all products in accordance with the ISO9001 standard.
If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us for more information. We look forward to becoming long-term partners with you.

Our company

5. Installation process guidance:

1. Select the appropriate wall, measure the installation distance and mark it.
2. Drill holes in the wall with tools and fix them with screws and rubber plugs.
3. Use the key to open the top cover on the top and remove the top cover to pour the liquid into the dispenser.
4. Use the key to lock the upper cover and press the button to get the liquid.

6. Buying guide:

If you are interested in this product, but still don’t know how to buy the product on our website? Don't worry, the following purchase guide will help you, and a detailed and concise description will let you quickly understand. If you have other concerns, you can send us an email and we will work patiently for you. Your concern is our concern, welcome to inquiry.

buying guide

7. FAQ:

Q: Does your product have a certification test?
A:  Yes, you can buy and use with confidence.

Q: Can change the typeface on the dispenser?
A: If you need to change, we can do it, but this requires an extra charge.

Q: How to clean?
A: Just scrub with water and a soft cloth.