Disinfectants Hand Soap Dispenser

Holds a 1000 ml capacity for a hygienic seal. One handed press control operation, combined with a white upper cover and a black lower cover, ABS plastic is impact resistant, anti-aging, longer lasting and durable.

Product Details

1. Introduction:

This high-quality soap dispenser holds 1000ml of capacity for all traffic jams, such as public spaces, campuses, office buildings, restaurants and bistros, so you can rest assured that this durable and space-saving wall-mounted hand can be used with confidence. Disinfectant soap dispenser. The top lock design helps the user to effectively reduce the maintenance cost of the soap dispenser.

2. Specification:

Model number
Brand name
ABS plastic
Product size

3. Details:

A. Multi-function selection: liquid/foam/spray. Liquid pump dosage: 1.2-1.5ml/dispenser. Foam pump dosage: 0.4ml/dispneser. Spray pump dosage: 0.2ml/dispenser.
B. Disinfectant soap dispenser can accommodate 1000 ml of liquid, reducing user cost and time.
C. The top with key design, easy to operate, easy to add liquid.
D. Wall-mounted screw mounting or tape mounting.
E. One year warranty.

4. About us:

As a quality service provider, our products meet the standards of most countries. We accept inspections every year, let more users choose us, trust our products and services, and all AOLQ employees continue to innovate and work hard every year. We will develop new products. In 2018, we developed four new products, such as automatic paper cutters, induction paper machines, and aroma diffusers. The development of higher quality and more stable products is our goal, only to give more Customers use better products.

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5. Certificate:
We always insist on strict control and testing of product quality. Our products now meet the testing standards of most countries and have received a series of certifications. We will apply for more certifications to provide more secure services and products to more users.


6. FAQ:

Q: Does it leak soap?
A: Not at all !
Q: What are the dimensions of this product?
A: The product dimensions are: 127*114*219mm.
Q: What is the service life of the pump head?
A: The pump head for liquid and spray can be used up to 300,000 times, and the pump head of the foam can be used 100,000 times.