Commerical Soap Dispenser

Elegant and elegant, the appearance is sleek and simple, especially suitable for commercial place, not only can enhance the style of the use of the place, but also solve the problem of many people wash hand.

Product Details

1. Introduction:

Exquisite and elegant, sleek and simple appearance, suitable for hotels, restaurants, learning, bathrooms and other places, to enhance the style of the place of use.

2. Specification:

Item No.
Product name
Commerical soap dispenser
Product size
Main Material
Stainless steel

3. Details:

A. It can hold 1000ml of liquid and is designed for places with more people.
B. Delicate and elegant, stylish and simple, it can enhance the style of the place of use.
C. Two kinds of liquid discharge methods, liquid and foam, meet the habits of different people.
D. The dispenser dosage amount of liquid can be adjusted.

4. About us:

AOLQ was founded in 2002. New products are developed and designed every year to meet market and user needs. After 16 years of development and efforts, we have established a series of quality standards, fully ensuring the high quality and strict requirements of each product, so that every user can be more safety to use them.

5. FAQ:

Q: Do you have your own production line?
A: Of course, we have three production line.
Q: Can you guarantee the output?
A: We are absolutely capable of producing large quantities.
Q: What are your main products?
A: We have a wide range of products, mainly soap dispensers, paper dispenser, hand dryers, hair dryers, aerosol dispenser.