Electric Automatic Jet Hand Dryer

Electric Automatic Jet Hand Dryer

AOLQ high speed commercial hand dryers with high-speed drying, low noise, and energy-saving capabilities, made of high-impact ABS material, are the ideal solution for any high-flow places.

Product Details

1. Introduction:

The electric automatic jet hand dryer is equipped with a powerful 1200W, and the AOLQ hand dryer can dry your hands in 7-10 seconds. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for high traffic and public restrooms. In addition to saving on electricity bills, this low-power hand dryer also helps save valuable energy. It is not only durable, but also made of impact-resistant ABS material. It is easy to install quickly and can be used for a long time. In addition, the material is easy to clean with a soft cloth when needed.

2. Specification:

Item name
Electric Automatic Jet Hand Dryer
Air temperature30~50℃

3. Details:
A. Easy operation: Automatic Hand Dryers are activated by an infrared sensor when hands are placed under the air outlet
B. Stylish appearance: novel and beautiful appearance with plastic material, elegant and honorable
C. Energy saving: The application of internal heat cycle mode ensures full use of energy.
D. Safety and security: Double protection for overheat and overload, the hand dryers will stop working automatically after working last for 60 seconds.
E. Clean and healthy: The use of antibacterial materials is in line with the latest international environmental philosophy.
F. Good quality: The adoption of a maintenance-free motor with high performance, capacitor initiated for quick starts; the high quality temperature controller imported achieve the precise control; the imported fuse greatly ensures the safety of using.
G. Considerate services: Automatic hand dryer covers are available in white epoxy paint or custom colors are also available.

4. About us:

AOLQ is a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of bathroom products, while also providing users with a full range of solutions. At present, our products mainly cover bathrooms, hotels, hospitals, schools, public toilets and so on. Since its inception, our products and services have gradually spread throughout some countries and have been recognized and accepted by customers, including some five-star hotels and famous companies. With your support, we will continue to develop products and innovate for customers. Provide better products and services.

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5. Our advantage:

Our material strength:
1. Health: Environmentally friendly plastic hair dryer
2. Stability: imported motor, long service life

Our design strength:
1. Overheated loading protection.
2. Wall mounted installation.

The strength of our factory:
1. Leading manufacturer of hotel sanitary ware.
2. Equipment technology and team perfection.
3. Most products have patent certification.

6. Packing and delivery:

Standard export package
Sea freight, air freight, express

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7. FAQ:

Q: Does it have a safety device?
A: Yes, the overheating load protection makes the user safer to use.

Q: Can the tray be disassembled?
A: According to your needs, sure.

Q: How is the dry hand effect?
A: Dry your hands quickly and keep your hands warm and dry for a few seconds.