Washroom Equipment Classic Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser

AOLQ classic style bathroom accessories toilet seat cover paper holder, effectively moisture-proof, fully ensuring clean and hygienic, large capacity toilet paper holder, can effectively provide an economical and sanitary toilet solution for the consumers who need it.

Product Details

1. Introduction:
Choose a sturdy wall mounted toilet seat to provide customers with a more sanitary bathroom. Use toilet seat cover paper holder to prevent waste, and user won’t need to use paper towels or toilet paper as a temporary cover. The AOLQ toilet seat cover dispenser can hold 250 pieces of toilet paper, providing an economical toilet solution for demanding consumers.

2. Specification:

Product name
Washroom equipment classic toilet seat cover dispenser
Paper holders
Main material
ABS platsic
Product size
Wall mounted by screws
Restaurants, hospital, hotel, pubilc toilet

3. Features:

A. The use of a toilet paper holder minimizes contact with bacteria and protects users’ safety.
B. Good water solubility can effectively reduce the blockage of the toilet due to the use of expensive substitutes such as paper towels.
C. Easy to install and low maintenance.
D. The top safety lock design can effectively avoid damage and theft, and the paper is simple.

4. About us:

AOLQ is a dedicated production sanitary ware factory. Since 2002, the company continuously develop high quality products, by 2018, the number of our products has reached hundreds. in order to keep up with market demand, we through continuous test market and according to the user to use habits, develop some more functional high quality products, all aspects of our products to service users. Nowadays, we have the ability and strength to accept customer customization services, customize better products for customers, and provide better products to serve more consumers.

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5. Exhibition show:

exhibition show

6. Delivery:

CtN.size: 813*321*435mm.

Delivery: Samples are 3-5 days, mass products are 1-3 weeks.

Payment: 30% deposit as advance, balance before loading.


7. FAQ:

Q: Is this toilet seat cover paper holder durable?
A: Very durable, it can hold large capacity of toilet paper, easy to use for a long time, reduce maintenance.

Q: Is this toilet seat cover paper holder usable?
A: You can rest assured that the use is particularly simple, while effectively avoiding cross contamination and being cleaner.

Q: What’s the size of this item?
A: The size is 410 * 60 * 300 mm