Wall Mounted Tissue Box For Bathroom

AOLQ paper towel dispensing system, stainless steel satin finishing standard paper towel holder, durable and stable tissue paper dispensing system, flexible layout, fell free to pull paper.

Product Details

1. Introduction:

AOLQ paper towel dispensing system, stainless steel satin finishing standard paper towel holder, freely distributed paper, flexible distribution, made of seamless technology, making it more perfect, unique hollow design, easy to observe the use of paper, widely used, such as bathroom , hotels, hospitals, office buildings, etc.

2. Specification:

Item No.
Product name
Wall mounted tissue box for bathroom
Main material
Stainless steel
Product size
One year
Wall mounted by screws

3. Details:

A. Made of 100% stainless steel, it is durable and durable.
B. Easy to unlock, easy to add paper, quick to add.
C. Flexible distribution of paper, free to pull paper.
D. Large capacity demand, can accommodate two bags of N origami, long-term use.

4. About us:

From the production of soap dispensers to the development of tissue boxes, hand dryers, trash cans, fragrance machines, etc., we are constantly developing more quality products. Now we are constantly enriching series products of our dolphin family, In order to make it more perfect. We have ability to provide a complete set of sanitary products for more users, and improving the style and image of the place of use.

our team

5. Why choose us:

* 16 years of experience in the sanitary industry.
* Perfect equipment and department.
* A first-class team that unites upwards.
* Perfect after-sales service, no matter the customer has any problems, we will reply to the customer within 24 hours.

6. Process:

From design and development, mold opening, material cutting to various inspections to ensure high requirements and high quality of each step of the product, AOLQ is not only responsible for the customer, but also responsible for the quality and service of the product, so that more users believe in our products and service.


7. FAQ:

Q: Can your samples be free?
A: No, we need to negotiate to decide if it is free.

Q: How to install?
A: We will send you the screw fittings and other items along with the goods.

Q: How long is your warranty period?
A: All of our products are warranted for one year.