Wall Mounted Paper Tissue Dispenser

Choose effective cleaning products to avoid the spread of bacteria and improve cleanliness in sanitary facilities.

Product Details


Perfect curve design and exquisite technology, the majority of users love, not only effective wiping hand hygiene, reduce the spread of bacteria, but also improve the style of the environment.

1. Specification:

Item No.
product name
Wall mounted paper dispenser
Product size
1 year
wall mounted installation

2. Details:

A. Perfect curve design and excellent technology to improve the style of the environment .
B. Optional wall mounted installation or tape installation.
C. Multiple styles are available to meet the needs of different users.
D. Sleek paper exit, easy to pull paper.

3. About AOLQ:

We are the sanitary bathroom industry problem solving experts, to provide customers with a wide range of hygienic products, in order to provide the customer's safer living environment, more efficient working environment.


4. Delivery:


5. FAQ:

Q: Can you accept color customization?
A: Of course, We can.
Q: What's the address of your factory?
A:Our factory address is Plant C, No.50, Nipo Area, Zhongxin Community, Pingdi Street,Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.
Q: What's your MOQ?
A: Different products have different minimum orders.