Wall Mounted Bathroom Tissue Dispenser

This single jumbo roll toilet tissue dispenser holds. It is designed with high quality, strong and durable plastic. Dispenser has a key lock for added security, and transparent design to see the monitor roll capacity. Great for commercial use.

Product Details

1. Introduction:

The luxury paper towel dispenser has a transparent blue top cover and a gray lower cover, or a black top cover and a gray lower cover, as well as a white top cover and a gray lower cover. Three conventional colors are available for you to choose from. The central rolling advancement mechanism ensures that the roll paper is completely used before switching to a new roll paper, avoiding waste. The easy-to-load dispenser has serrations on the bottom for easy and fast tearing paper.

2. Specification:

Item name
AQ-507 tissue holder
Blue, black, white
Logo print

3. Details:

A. The bottom three sides have a serrated design that tears the paper no matter which direction the user pulls the paper.
B. The center of the dispenser is designed to lock and facilitate the cleaning and loading of toilet rolls at any time.
C. The smooth shaft makes the roll paper roll smoother, anti-jam paper, and convenient to use.
D. The surface is smoothed to avoid scratching, and more safer.

4. About us:

In the provision of bathroom products for users, we always adhere to the “safety first, quality leadership”, product safety and security is responsible for the user, only users in the first place, we can get the user’s recognition and acceptance. To this end, we regularly update and maintain equipment and machines every year, continuously improve production technology, excellent products, and make users more convenient and safer.

5. Production process:

Production Process

6. Delivery:

In terms of packaging, it is usually packed in brown box. If you need color box packaging or other, please contact us.
In terms of transportation, we can provide you with sea, air, land and express delivery methods. You are also welcome to pick up the goods yourself.


7. FAQ:

Q: What is the paper core size using toilet paper?
A: 5cm and 7cm respectively.

Q: Where can I lock?
A: The dispenser center can be locked.

Q: Does the installation tool be included during the installation process?
A: Includes screws, keys and rubber stoppers.