Stainless Steel Toilet Paper Tissue Box

Stainless Steel Toilet Paper Tissue Box

Stainless steel toilet paper tissue box, large capacity design, ultra-thin design, seat belt lock structure, easy to supplement, one piece of paper at a time, suitable for office, hotel, etc.

Product Details

1. Introduction:

AOLQ stainless steel hand folded toilet paper holder with ultra-thin design can save space and meet the requirements of modern functionalization. It can well meet the requirements of hygiene, cleanliness and comfort, and can be integrated into the environment of most places of use, such as hotels, restaurants, offices and medical institutions.

2. Specification:

Prodcuct name
Stainless steel toilet paper tissue box
Stainless steel
Product size
Suitable paper
N fold paper
Kitchen, School, Office building, Bathroom, Hotel

3. Details:

A. Fill protection to ensure good allocation.
B. Do not touch, just touch the paper, to ensure hygiene.
C. Ultra-thin design, attractive and space-saving.
D. Open the top of the lock, easy to supplement, saving time.
E. One piece of paper at a time, reduce consumption.

4. About us:

In through constant efforts and development, AOLQ won a number of certification, and obtained ISO9001 certificate, under the ISO9001 quality management system, established a strict quality management system, we have always firmly believe that quality is the foundation of all cooperation so, only high quality products to meet customer demand, to establish long-term cooperation relationship with customers.

certificate and technology

5. Service:

We are client-oriented,take customer’s demands priority. Below are our services policies:
1) OEM & ODM are welcomed.AOLQ offers whole set services from concept to the competion of product.
2) Enquiry or mails replied within 24 hours.
3) 1 year warrenty.
4) Technical assistance provided until problem solved.


6. Delivery:

Product size: 268*105*260mm
CTN.size: 595*575*290mm
Delivery Time: 1-3 days (Sample) 15-20 days (Bulk Order).
Delvery: Sea Freight, Air Freight, Express.111

7. FAQ:

Q: Do you have a catalogue?
A: Yes, we can provide you with the catalogue for your reference.

Q: What is your main market?
A: Our market is very broad, we mainly go to the middle and high-end market.

Q: Can you accept a counter-offer?
A: We need to discuss if we will agree.