Square Tabletop Napkin Holder

Reduces consumption by providing disposable dispensing paper, which improves personal hygiene and reduces waste. Ideal for use on a personal table in a casual dining setting.

Product Details

1. Introduction:

This sleek minimalist square napkin is practical, durable and easy to clean. It is simple and easy to use, simply press the buttons on both sides to place the napkin, either for personal use or for commercial use.

2. Specification:

Item No.
Blue white
Logo print
One yer

3. Features:

A. Sleek modern design adds a subtle beautiful to any diner or home.
B. Compared to traditional bagged paper, it avoids problems such as weakness, dwell and tear.
C. No place is restricted for use, such as bedroom, restaurant, car, kitchen, etc., easy to move and fill.
D. Allocate one piece of paper at a time until the last piece of paper is used up. Avoid waste and save effectively.

4. About us:

AOLQ is a manufacturer specializing in the production of bathroom ware. We have a factory of about 10,000 square meters. Since its establishment in 2002, it has 16 years of experience. No matter what your needs and problems, you can tell us that our team will Provide you with professional solutions. AOLQ is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China, and we will do our utmost to assure you of strict quality control, competitive prices and timely delivery.

5. Exhibition show:


6. Delivery:

If your demand is not large, we recommend sending it to you by courier, which is more convenient and safer.
If time is not urgent and bulk, sea shipping is recommended. If you request, we can arrange air transportation according to your needs.



Q: What is the size of the outer box of this dispenser? Thanks.
A: The outer box size is 625*500*460mm.

Q: Can it be installed on the wall?
A: Normally, it can be placed on the desktop.

Q: How can I contact you?
A: You can send an email directly to info@sbfsystems.com or communicate directly with us online.