Single Roll Bathroom Toilet Tissue Holder

Improve the elegance and taste of your bathroom with our tissue dispenser. They not only enhance your professional image, but are also more durable and longer lasting.

Product Details

1. Introduction:

With a compact, space-saving design, this toilet tissue dispenser is designed for almost any bathroom configuration, giving your users more space, giving you peace of mind and maximum value even in a limited space. With the safety lock design, you will be more at ease, AOLQ paper tissue dispenser, to help you provide the elegance and taste of the bathroom.

2. Specification:

Model number
Product size
OEM, ODM, Trial order
One year

3. Details:

A. Wall mounted screw mounting or tape mounting is available upon request, and the logo can be customized.
B. Different paper core shaft sizes are available for different sizes of roll paper.
C. Sawtooth tearing paper is convenient and fast, and there is no stagnation during use.
D. The center is locked to facilitate replacement of the roll paper and to prevent the paper from being stolen.

4. About us:

AOLQ is an expert who specializes in providing bathroom system solutions to users. No matter what problems you encounter during use, AOLQ and its team will provide you with professional solutions. We are always striving to improve the quality of life of our users. No matter when you walk into the bathroom, you will feel at home, give you a kind of happiness, let you feel warm at all times, our products are not only quality products, but also Is a humanized product, welcome more you to join us.

5. Our certificate:

Now that we have obtained a number of certificates, grateful to all AOLQ staff for their unremitting efforts to promote AOLQ faster and better. In the future, we will never stop, continue to struggle, and develop better products for users.

AOLQ certificate

6. Delivery:

In terms of packaging, it is usually packed in brown box. If you need color box packaging or other, please contact us.
In terms of transportation, we can provide you with sea, air, land and express delivery methods. You are also welcome to pick up the goods yourself.



Q: Can I use it at home?
A. Yes, you can.

Q: The serrations are sharp and are there any injuries?
A. Will not scratch.

Q: Why is the key used in this project?
A: Locking the dispenser with a key makes it easy to protect the roll paper and dispenser.