Public Bathroom Paper Towel Dispenser

This public bathroom paper towel dispenser is made of plastic material. It is a simple, elegant plastic paper towel dispenser that dispense paper towels from the center of a roll. The customer simply pulls down from the center of the dispenser, and get paper right away.

Product Details

1. Introduction:

A simple, elegant plastic paper towel dispenser that dispenses tissue from the center of the roll. The user pulls down from the center of the dispenser and can tear off a tissue paper with only one hand. In use, just touch the paper towel you use to avoid contact with bacteria. Easy to load and clean, it will improve your quality of life.

2. Specification:

Model number
SBF-166 tissue dispenser
Paper type
Center pull roll paper
ABS Plastic
Product size
Lock system
Metal key or Press button
White or black, customized color acceptable

3. Details:

A. S shape perspective window, you can tell when it’s time to replace the roll paper.
B. Optional key-locking feature and easy-loading design.
C. Guests only touch the towel they use, which helps reduces the spread of germs and dirt.
D. Easy to use, no need to change frequently.

4. About us:

The Dolphin family is one of AOLQ’s classic styles, covering a wide range of soap dispensers, tissue boxes, etc. Each of these products is a classic, popular with the public. In order to perfect the Dolphin family and become a perfect bathroom accessory series, this year, we have developed several new products, including automatic paper cutters, air freshener dispenser, etc. We will continue to develop more new products in the future. Make the series more perfect and enhance the image of the user’s living environment.

5. Our certificate:

Every year, we apply for certificates to meet the standards of different countries and markets, so that more people can trust the quality of our products and provide protection for products and users.

AOLQ certificate

6. Delivery:

Samples will be prepared within 3 days after your payment. Before sending out, samples will be carefully tested and examined. The delivery of samples can be achieved by express of TNT, UPS, Fedex, DHL, etc.
If you have any courier account, pls kindly advise us.
For mass production, around 20 days after your confirmation.


7. FAQ:

Q: What is the size of the applicable roll paper?
A: Max (diameter) 220*(height) 240mm.

Q: Can I pull paper with one hand?
A: Yes, you can pull paper with one hand.

Q: How many employees do you have?
A: We have a total of 100 to 200 employees.