Office Paper Towel Holder

Perhaps you are still exposing the toilet paper directly to the moist air. Maybe you have not realized that dust or bacteria in the air will affect the cleanliness of the paper, which may affect our lives. When you have it, you are not afraid, always keep the paper roll clean.

Product Details

1. Introduction:

Roll paper is needed by every family. We need to use roll paper every day, ensure the cleanliness of the paper is to protect the life of the user. Equipped with a paper holder for the roll paper, it can effectively not waste the use of roll paper, but also waterproof and anti-ash, to ensure the clean and hygienic roll paper, and more safer to use.

2. Specification:

Model number
Brand name

3. Details:

A. The representative of elegance and classic style, can effectively improve the environment of the restroom and enhance the professional image of the place of use.
B. Our dispensers are extremely durable, allows users to use them with confidence.
C. Available in three colors, white, blue, and black, we can customize it for you.
D. Allows accommodates a large number of rolls of paper, reducing the frequency of replacement, more relax during use.
E. For added safety, the dispenser has security key and lock design to prevent theft, which is your best choice.

4. About us:

AOLQ is a manufacturer of sanitary products focused on research and production. Paper towel dispensers and soap dispensers are our main products. Whether domestic or foreign, our products are gradually recognized and loved by the public. At the same time, in order to better meet the needs of users, we will visit to customers every year, face-to-face communication with customers, understand the real needs of users, and thus produce better bathroom products.

5. Production process:

Each of our products starts with material inspection, design, development and production, and continues to package and ship. Each production step is carried out in an orderly manner, and the quality of each product is strictly checked to provide users with quality products.

Production Process

6. Delivery:

Packing: 1piece/ inner box
Regular export standard package, if you have special needs, please contact us.
According to customer’s requirement, we can ship cargo by sea, by air, by express delivery.


7. FAQ:

Q: Do you have gift box?
A: The normal case is the standard export package, if you have a need, we can customize it for you.

Q: What is the weight after packaging?
A: The weight is about 9.9kg.

Q: Is the key metal or plastic?
A: Plastic key, safe and durable.