N Fold Paper Towel Holder

This N fold paper towel holder saves space, reduces the number of replacements, use a piece of paper every time, economical and practical, Its simple design is suitable for any bathroom.

Product Details

1. Introduction:

This space saver plastic paper towel dispenser, it can hold up large capapcity n fold paper towels to provide low-cost protection from moisture and contaminants on countertops. This simple design suitable for any washroom, and key lock design protects against waste and pilferage while making refilling paper towels quick and easy.

2. Sepcification:

Item No.
Use Key or button to open the towel dispenser
Wall mounted
OEM, ODM, Trial order

3. Details:

A. Easy to install.
B. Button or button opening design that is attractive and easy to fit the paper inside.
C. It can accommodate large-capacity N-fold paper towels to improve the efficiency and frequency of use.
D. The smooth paper exit allows the user to easily remove the paper.
E. Suitable for all kinds of places.

4. About us:

We have a design team and a complete line of production lines and testing equipment. All products are certified and quality assured. Our products are known for their unique design, excellent quality and good sales service. Products such as soap dispensers and paper dispensers are popular in hotels and homes. We are also one of the direct suppliers of most household items on the mainland.

our team

5. Our service:

1. Make automatic and manual soap dispensers, hand dryers, hair and skin dryers, automatic and manual paper dispensers, air freshener dispensers, etc.
2. Pre-production sample confirmation.
3. Mass production.
4. Provide users with superior quality and competitive prices.
5. A variety of different materials, can provide environmentally friendly PVC, ABS, PP and other materials.
6. On time delivery.
7. Have a strong design team.
8. The factory directly produces and has complete process equipment such as mold making, injection molding, painting and pad printing.

6. Exhibition show:

In 2018, we brought the Dolphin family products and our hot products to the United States to participate in the exhibition, so that users from different countries  can get to know our products and trust our products. We also welcome everyone to exchange products and make progress together.

American exhibition


Q: I want to contact the factory. Can you accept it?
A: Yes, we have our own factory in Shenzhen and welcome you.

Q: If I want to customize my own product, what is the minimum order quantity and delivery time?
A: In general, different products have different MOQs, and we need to communicate further.

Q: If my product needs to do some certification tests, can you do it?
A: Yes, no problem, we can send samples to you for testing or we can help you.