Jumbo Toilet Tissue Dispenser

Have you ever experienced the embarrassment and awkwardness when running out of toilet paper and the only thing to do is shouting for help? And it can effectively solve this problem for you.

Product Details

1. Description:

Modern and stylish appearance, double-roll small roll holder, wall-mounted stable installation, independent safety key, easy to tear paper with serrated, user-friendly design, convenient paper-taking, giving you the best user experience.

2. Specification:

Model number
SBF-165 paper tissue dispenser
Product size
White, white transparent and black
ABS plastic
Logo print

3. Fetures:

A. See-through front of dispenser allowing for quick and easy checks.
B. High-impact and rigid plastic dispenser will provide years of low maintenance, trouble-free service.
C. Economical double toilet paper holder, it is perfect for high-traffic restrooms.
D. The dispenser is lockable and comes with mounting screws.

4. About us:

Whether it was just founded or now, our initial heart has not changed, always providing users with the easiest and most convenient bathroom products. What’s changed is that our technology has improved, we are more professional, have better ability to provide users with professional solutions, and develop and produce products that meet market needs. We will continue to work hard to improve ourselves, enhance our products and create better sanitary products for our customers.

5. Process:

From design and development, to quality inspection, to the final packaging and shipping, we have been very strict, strictly control the quality of each product, and safely transported to customers, leaving professional impression.


6. Delivery:


7. FAQ:

Q: How many inspection procedures do you have?
A: From the inspection of the material to the inspection of the package shipment, there are roughly 6 to 8 to the inspection process.

Q: How large is your factory area?
A: About 10,000 square meters.

Q: Is the screw installed securely?
A: You can rest assured that it is very stable and will not fall.