Industrial Paper Towel Tissue Dispenser

Whenever your office, kitchen or washroom needs a paper towel dispenser, the AOLQ paper towel dispenser will be an excellent economic option.

Product Details

1. Introduction:

Durable construction and high quality plastics ensure quality and longevity. A variety of styles to choose from, can better meet commercial needs and market demand. Intuitive, simple and quick installation method, it can be quickly installed on the wall in just a few minutes. It can accommodate a large number of paper towels but does not take up a lot of space, is your best choice of dispenser.

2. Specification:

Item NO.
Roll paper holder
One year

3. Details:

A. Made of plastic for durability, solid construction ,high quality look and practical use, it’s very easy to clean.
B. These towels are guaranteed to dispense one-at-a-time, every time,reducing waste.
C. Easy to open and refill, the window makes it easy to see when you need to refill and the dispenser has a lock, so refilling is simpleas.
D. People will only touch the towel they use. It’s the better hygienic way to dry hand. Creating a hygienic, high-end bathroom experience is a must for users.
E. Easy to install with screws to put in the wall,you can easy to install and use, and it is not easy to fall.

4. About us:

Paper towel dispensers are AOLQ’s main products, including manual tissue holder, plastic paper box, sensor paper dispenser and so on. In addition, we have many other types of bathroom products, such as hand dryers, hair dryers and so on. Since 2002, we have been striving to provide better products and services for more users, so that more families can enjoy the fun and quality of life.

5. Exhibition show:

As a small bathroom company, our mission is very big. We hope to be the first choice and ideal choice for more people, so we participate in exhibitions in different countries or cities every year, so that users have more choices.

American exhibition

6. Delivery:


7. FAQ:

Q: What kind of paper towels go in this dispenser?
A: Fold toilet paper.

Q: Is it resistant to falling?
A: Yes, our products are tested for drop and you can use them safely.

Q: Can we get sample to check quality?
A: Sure, you can get samples to check the quality firstly.