Funny Kitchen Toilet Tissue Paper Roll Holder

Durable and cost-effective paper towel dispenser for long-term savings in paper use, effectively reducing the cost of paper towel dispensers. This high efficiency and low price roll paper holder, it is the first choice for most customers.

Product Details

1. Introduction:

Are you looking for a paper holder that can effectively reduce the maintenance cost of the paper towel dispenser? And this is your best choice, we understand the durability of the market, and customer satisfaction as a top priority. Very practical and easy to use, the user can mount the dispenser on the wall in seconds. Made of translucent 475/PS plastic, it monitors paper levels and is easily replenished when needed. Completely stop the waste of toilet paper and effectively maintain the cost. This high efficiency and low price paper towel dispenser is the first choice for most customers.

2. Specification:

Model number
Product name
Funny kitchen toilet tissue paper roll holder
Product size
Hospital school restaurant home kitchen and etc.

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3. Features:

A. This is one of the best quality products, we have a competitive price and we offer you competitive products.
B. Simply turn the button to open the closed tissue box and make it easy to load paper.
C. The fully enclosed design effectively prevents water and dust from entering the tissue box, providing users with cleaner toilet paper.
D. Efficient use and reasonable price paper tissue holder are your best choice.

4. About us:

We are a professional company in manufacture and sales of washroom supplies, which has processing factory(including three assembly lines), we have injection molding machine and professional workers.The company is specialized in washroom products,being committed to the development of washroom supplies, in order to bring the fresh products with the market changing.
At present, the company is mainly in Shenzhen, the company will meet the needs of customers and the markets in a better extent with a brand-new face to achieve the goal of customer-oriented.The company’s design is focus on “Fashion” “New” products, the business is operated on specialty and honesty, the profit is based on the benefits of the society and customers.

Our company

5. Exhibition:

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6. Our services:

We believe that our products will satisfy you:
1. We are professional manufacturers.
2. Our products can be customized according to your requirements.
3. We provide you with the best products and the most cost-effective freight service.
4. We provide you with comprehensive after-sales service.
5. At the same time, our company can accept agents.

7. FAQ:

Q: Can you provide me with tape installation?
A: Yes.

Q: Is it convenient to take paper?
A: At the paper exit, there are teeth that make it easy to take paper.

Q: How many inspections do you have?
A: We have inspections every step of the way, with roughly seven inspections.