Elegant Ss Hand Tissue Paper Rack

Elegant Ss Hand Tissue Paper Rack

Just touch the toilet paper, effectively reduce the spread of bacteria and disease, AOLQ stainless steel manual toilet paper holder, give you a comfortable and clean hand wipe experience.

Product Details

1. Introduction:

The stainless steel hand wipe toilet paper holder can hold two packs of N folded toilet paper, reduce its replacement frequency, and improve the use efficiency. Users only need to contact the used toilet paper, and draw out one piece of paper at a time, which is simple, convenient and effective to reduce waste.

2. Specification:

Model number
Product name
Elegant ss hand tissue paper rack
Product size
Stainless steel
How to install
Wall mounted by screws

3. Details:

A. 100% stainless steel material, not easy to rust, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, long service life.
B. The top is secured with a safety lock for easy opening and easy to add paper.
C. It can hold 2 bags of N fold paper.
D. It allows only one sheet of paper to be taken at a time, avoiding waste and saving paper.
E. Suitable for a wide range of applications, such as bathrooms, hotels, restaurants, etc.
F. Wall-mounted screws are installed, easy to install, no gaps in the wall.

4. About us:

Shenzhen Pingdi AOLQ Bathroom Supply Co., it was formally established in 2002, from 2002 to 2018 years continuously the products are exported to various countries, in the 16 years continuously innovation, research and development and production of sanitary products and public sanitary ware, every year we would research and development new products, the purpose is to better to meet more the demand of the market and the needs of users, for more people to build an efficient simple living environment and working environment.

5. Exhibition show:

AOLQ will participate in domestic and foreign exhibitions every year. Through the exhibitions, people from all over the world can learn about its products, so that more people can choose our products and believe in our services.exhibition show

6. Certificate:

certificate and technology

7. FAQ:

Q: Is your product certified?
A: Yes, we have the certification, you can rest assured.

Q: What are your main products?
A: Hand dryer, hair dryer, soap dispenser, tissue box, fragrance machine, trash can these are our main products.

Q: Can you customize the box?
A: Yes, following up the customer’s minimum order quantity, we can customize the box.