Countertop Paper Towel Dispenser

Elegant square tissue box, convenient and portable, is an ideal product for restaurants, banquets, restaurants and other places

Product Details

1. Product description:

The latest modern item, elegant square appearance. Pp material is more safe, smooth and convenient for pulling paper, giving users a good sense of experience. It is one of the ideal products for restaurants, parties and restaurants.

2. Specification:

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3. Details:

A. Compared with traditional bagged paper, it avoids problems such as being weak, staying, and tearing.
B. High quality PP material, good product for users to use with peace of mind.
C. Quick disassembly, the upper cover and the lower cover can be separated for easy replacement of paper towels and cleaning.
D. Wide range of applications, easy to carry, can be used in cars, kitchens, homes, etc.

4. FAQ:

1. Are you manufacturer or trading company?

-- We have our own factory and production lines to provide competitive products with high quality and good price.

We also have professional purchaser to help you with outsourcing for the particular goods

2. Do you accept OEM?

--Yes, welcome, we have strong support to help with as long as you provide detailed request and information.

3. Can you accept small order?

--Yes, in generally. We can understand that trail order is necessary for buyers to see the quality and test market.

4. What is your payment terms?

-- T/T, L/C at sight, Western Union.