Why Do Senior Hotels Use Aerosol Dispensers

- Jun 14, 2018-

The purpose of the hotel's scent is to pervade all corners of the hotel with fragrance. The scented hotel will let you feel the warmth of the feeling. The friends who are away from home are tired and tired for a day. They always want to find a warm harbor to rest. However, suffering from all the hotels is the same, there are no characteristics and style, just choose the nearest one is the practice of most of us, how to let customers choose us?

How can we attract clients to stay in the hotel and allow him to spend more on our hotel? This is what many businesses are racking their brains to reflect upon. But the hotel's flavor is the most direct and effective way. Why do you say this way? There is a basis for this. In this era of visual weariness, we have already had enough waiting time for advertisements to sweep. We don't want to spend some time reading newspapers, going online and checking out hotels. Because the similarity of the hotel's advertising is too high, we don't know how to choose.

After adding the incense to the hotel, we will have a special sense of intimacy. We do not need to spend time to think, to see, to check, but to go through that place, to smell the familiar taste, and we already have a sense of belonging. This feeling is the feeling of home. The purpose of the hotel's space is to create a cozy harbor for customers so that customers can park here, and the fragrance is the indicator light on the road.

The scented hotel first won customers on the scent, and who would be willing to spend a night in an odor-stricken room, I think a lot of people will not tolerate for a minute, even if your service is better, the price is also favorable No use. Aromatize hotels have different branding effects than unspaced hotels. Hotels that generally do hotel incense are for the sake of customers, although it costs some, but we won the recognition of customers and brands is far greater than we pay.