Whether Bathroom Hand Dryer Needs To Be Replaced

- Jun 14, 2018-

Whenever we enter a public toilet, we are mainly concerned with cleaning equipment that prevents bacterial cross-infection. If you see an automatic hand dryer, it will naturally give you a very hygienic feeling, you will not find any garbage baskets such as towels or tissues. Automatic hand dryers in certain public places are the most effective, hygienic and environmentally friendly hand-drying methods.

The automatic hand dryer is a very low maintenance product, and the cost incurred during its use has a great advantage compared to the paper towel. These don't require any consumption and almost no messy garbage. These are usually as long as the hand reaches into the sensing area, the machine automatically runs and stops, so that you don't have to worry about contact with bacteria and harmful bacteria collected in different areas. In most cases, such wall-mounted dryers are generally non-contact because they have sensors that dry out and begin and finish without notice.

On the price side, it is not surprising that this type of traditional hand dryer is very economical, which can be used as a purchase without repeated consumption or other expenses. They are quite low cost, installed and proven to be very reliable and protected. They are a must in a public bath and successful commercial products. This will help you maintain a very hygienic device that is different from the general public bathroom.

Traditional hand dryers (hand dryers) are used in the market are cheap small motors, the wind speed of running is only 15-35 meters per second, and the dry hard time to reach 35-45 seconds. This generation of hand dryers work very high power, generally around 2000W, which not only consumes large amounts of energy, but also the working temperature of the motor can be very high, which makes the electronic devices and circuits easily aging and shortens the service life.