What Represents The Difference Between Perfume And Fragrance?

- Jun 14, 2018-

What is the difference between fragrances and perfume? Many people do not know how to distinguish between fragrances and perfume. Let's take a look at how to distinguish between fragrances and perfume and be an intellectual woman who understands taste.

How to distinguish between fragrances and perfume? The difference between fragrances and perfume can be seen from the following points:

1. Fragrance has only one taste. Perfume has three flavors

Generally, the fragrance and fragrance of the same fragrance type are of the same taste. The difference between fragrance and perfume is that the perfume has the flavor of the front, middle and back. In the first three stages, three flavors can be distributed, but the fragrance Only one taste.

2. Perfume and fragrance than fragrance

The scent of the perfume is stronger than that of the scent. Generally speaking, the scent of the perfume is the most intense, then the Eau de toilette, the cologne, and finally the fragrance. If you like the feeling of an elegant fragrance, you can choose the fragrance. .

3. Fragrance maintains fragrance for a short time

In general, the scent of fragrance can generally last for about 4 hours. Perfume, even light perfume, can be kept for 4 to 6 hours. One type of scent is elegant and charming, while the other type is smoky. .

4. More formal perfume, more commonly used fragrance

Fragrance and perfume are used in different occasions. The general perfume is used in some more formal occasions. The fragrance is often used for antiperspirant or mask sweat. It is very suitable for use in general occasions or after exercise. atmosphere.

In general, the difference between fragrances and perfumes is that the fragrances and fragrances of the same fragrance generally have the same taste. Of course, the raw materials of perfumes are the most refined and the taste is the most special. They are divided into the first, middle, and later flavors, and the fragrances are only A taste. Fragrance is mostly used for antiperspirant and masking sweat. It is suitable for sports and general occasions, while perfume is used for more formal occasions.