What Embarrassing Experiences Have You Had In The Bathroom?

- Jan 17, 2019-

Bathroom is our everyday must go to the place, but in this privacy and sacred place, but a lot of embarrassing things happened, have you ever encountered similar things?

When you go to the toilet, only to find that there is only a little toilet paper left, not enough for you to use, how to do? Finally you through the inner struggle, summon up the courage external stranger said 1: “hi, friend, can borrow some toilet paper?” Are you embarrassed? What if they think you have a problem? If choose AOLQ’s double roll toilet paper holder, this will not happen again, even after the use of a roll, not timely replenishment, there is still another roll of paper available.

Or maybe your friend is crying to you that her phone fell into the toilet when she went to the toilet, and she is very regretful. Why did she use her phone when she went to the toilet? And you can only silently comfort her, such things do you also have empathy? Perhaps you could recommend AOLQ’s big roll paper holder with shelf, which allows users to place their phone on the tray at any time, thus effectively preventing the phone from dropping into the toilet.

There are so many things like this, and maybe there are even more bizarre or embarrassing things. Have you ever encountered?