What Are The Reasons For The Faint Smell Of The Incense Burner?

- Jun 14, 2018-

Many times after the aromatherapy has been used for a period of time, the business will have such questions, the concentration of aromatherapy has not been adjusted, the flavor has not been replaced, but it does not feel that the aroma has just been installed. In fact, the flavor is still the same as the original, but because the customer is in such an aroma environment for a long time, it is easy to have an olfactory adaptation (so-called olfactory fatigue), just like an odor in an unfamiliar environment. If you had just entered a room and you smelled a bit of it, you couldn't make sense when you first came in. It was known as olfactory fatigue, and it was also the initial distress of the fragrance designer, 60% of the time. After installing and using the space fragrance for about 2 months, the customer will call the customer service center to reflect the fact that the fragrance effect is not as good as it originally was, resulting in a lot of questions about the quality of the fragrance essential oil. More typically, the person in charge of a star-rated hotel did not smell the scent of the spray on the nose of the hotel's flavoring machine. This is a typical scene to adapt to "symptoms."

The reasons for the lightening of the flavor are as follows: 1) The hotel's flavoring machine malfunctions or fragrance oil quality problems: For example, the fragrance of the hotel's flavoring machine is blocked or the aging of the aerosol dispenser causes the fragrance to reduce and reduce the amount of atomization, thus making the aromatherapy The amount of spout is less than the original, and the aroma is naturally faded; 2 The inferior aroma essential oil has a layered phenomenon after use, and the essential oil sinks to the bottom layer. When the aroma of the bottom layer is released, the upper layer of the water-soluble essential oil has a low aroma concentration. , so the atomized aroma is naturally lighter than the original; 3, the amount of space air flow increases, ventilation increases, for example: the original venue door is normally closed state, is now open, this will also cause aroma Lighter than the original.

The fragrance concentration should be adjusted properly. Persons in the aroma environment for a long time cannot effectively distinguish whether the fragrance concentration is suitable. It is advisable to ask the customer or other person for the feeling of the fragrance concentration. It is recommended to reduce the fragrance concentration by adjusting the parameters of the aerosol dispenser.