What Are The Precautions For Stainless Steel Product Surface Cleaning?

- Jun 14, 2018-

In order to maintain the gorgeous and clean surface of stainless steel products, stainless steel paper towel holders, stainless steel soap dispensers, stainless steel paper towel holders and other large stainless steel products need to be periodically cleaned and managed for long-term use of stainless steel products.

General considerations:

When washing, be careful not to scratch the surface. Avoid using bleaching agents, abrasive-containing cleaning liquids, steel balls, abrasive tools, etc. To remove the washing liquid, rinse the surface with clean water at the end of washing.

1, The surface of dust and easy to remove dirt, use soap, weak lotion or wash with warm water.

2,Label and film, with warm water, weak lotion to scrub, adhesive composition using alcohol or organic solution washing.

3, Fat, oil, lubricating oil pollution, with a soft cloth or paper dry after using neutral detergent or ammonia solution or special washing drugs to wash.

4. The bleaching agent and the acid are attached, rinse immediately with water, soak with ammonia or neutral carbonated soda solution, then wash with neutral detergent or warm water.

5, Fingerprints on the surface, with alcohol or organic solvents (ether, benzene), wiped with a soft cloth and then washed with water.

6, Rainbow patterns, excessive use of detergent or oil caused by washing with warm water detergent.

7. The solder is discolored by heat, washed with a solution of 10% nitric acid or hydrochloric acid, neutralized with a solution of ammonia-water soda, and then washed with water.

8. Rust caused by surface contaminants, washed with nitric acid 10% or abrasive detergent, utilizing special washing chemicals.