What Are The Precautions For Automatic Soap Dispenser?

- Jun 14, 2018-

Automatic sensor soap dispenser is an infrared sensor automatically liquid out of the machine. The machine can be widely used in medical and health units, laboratories, banks, hotels, catering, kindergartens, offices and other departments. It is the best way to prevent cross-infection and disease from hand to hand in modern life. Compared to traditional handwashing methods, sensor soap dispensers have unparalleled advantages: they are more economical and improve work efficiency.

Automatic infrared sensor soap dispenser has two working modes: automatic setting time and random time. This means that when you reach for the soap or foam, you let the machine work, but the machine works for the required time. The purpose is to effectively prevent the waste of soap or foam. The free-to-work mode is mainly applied to the faucet, and the narrow hand stops the water discharge. The working principle and the principle of infrared automatic sensing technology are not all the same, but the way of receiving signals is changed.


1. Non-professional maintenance personnel do not disassemble, repair and modify this product, so as to avoid affecting product performance due to wrong maintenance;

2. Do not flush the sanitary ware directly with water.

3. Do not use corrosive chemical solvents to clean the shell of this product, so as to avoid damage and deformation of the appearance of the surface.

4. Please do not install the sensor in a place with high temperature or corrosive gas.