What Are The Benefits Of Manual Soap Dispensers?

- Jun 14, 2018-

Soap dispensers, otherwise known as soap dispensers, or soap dispensers, are designed with an ingenious liquid-out structure that allows people to easily access soap liquids without the need to squeeze them with hands. Soap dispensers were first used in public places such as shopping malls, airports, hospitals, and high-end office buildings. When people liked this convenient hand-washing method, they entered our home. There are various types of soap dispensers, which one is most suitable for home life and practical.

The manual soap dispenser is a device for obtaining the soap liquid through the button by itself, and its design doesn't oblige electricity, and the liquid amount is manually controlled, which is more suitable for home use. Installation method - There is three kinds of installation methods: placing type, wall-mounted type, and sink type. The placed soap dispenser can be directly placed on the hand-washing table. It does not need to be installed and is easy to move. In the wall-mounted type, the soap dispenser is fixed to the wall with screws, and the wall surface is damaged when installed, but it is more space-saving.

Material style - The material of the soap dispenser is usually stainless steel and plastic. Stainless steel is beautiful and durable, but it is not convenient to see the amount of soap liquid. Plastic colorful, lightweight fashion, superior cost performance. Recommended home uses plastic soap dispenser.

Installation method.

First - choose a suitable location for installation, wall-mounted soap dispenser for easy use, do not install too far away from the sink. The best location is 30 centimeters to the left or right above the sink. If towels are hung on the sink, you can move the soap dispenser further to the sides to avoid appearing crowded.

The second - because it is fixed with screws, so the hole in the wall will be drilled, after the location is selected, to determine the location of the drill hole to avoid causing excessive damage to the wall. In order to strengthen the fixing effect, when installing the screws, it is necessary to install rubber stoppers, which can also protect the wall hole from drugs and no longer expand.

Thirdly, if the automatic soap dispenser is installed, check whether the motor cable and the sensor head cable are connected properly after the installation, and whether they are tightly fastened; the power plug must be the principal water source to avoid safety accidents.