Wall Mount Hand Soap Dispenser Selection Tips

- Jun 14, 2018-

Manual soap dispenser is a good helper for modern home life, whether it is installed in the sink for washing dishes, fruit, vegetables, etc. It is also installed in the bathroom for bathing convenience.

Wall-mounted Manual Soap Dispenser Selection Tips Manual Liquid Soap Dispenser Selection Tips

The soap dispenser can be equipped with shower gel, shampoo, hand sanitizer and detergent, and can be used in both bathrooms and kitchens. It is generally installed with a sink. According to the production principle of the soap dispenser, there are three kinds of manual soap dispensers, automatic soap dispensers, and sensor soap dispensers. Automatic soap dispensers and sensor soap dispensers do not require manual operation and have a fixed amount of soap, which is suitable for use in public places such as hotels and restaurants. It is more appropriate to use manual soap dispensers that can determine the amount of liquid soap in the home. In the home kitchen and bathroom, there are many small items. In order to save space in these places and increase space utilization, the wall-mounted manual soap dispenser is the best soap dispenser for the home environment. Material - Wall-mounted manual soap dispensers are available in stainless steel and plastic. The plastic material is favored by the market for its advantages of lightweight, easy installation, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and the price is relatively cheap. The advantages of stainless steel are strong and durable, bright and beautiful appearance, with the modern beauty of home decoration, but it is more troublesome to install. It is recommended to use a plastic wall-mounted manual soap dispenser.

Specifications - The soap dispenser specifications determine how much soap can be held, typically 500mm, 800mm, 1000ml, etc. Because the amount of household use is not as much as in public places, and the soap will stay in the soap box for a long time, it will condense, and it will deteriorate. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a small soap dispenser and replace it more quickly.

Manual soap dispenser tips

Use for the first time - Before using it for the first time, washes the soap box with clean water. If it is a vacuum soap box, add water first to remove the air. If some water flows out of the inner bottle and pump head, it's not that of the quality of the product. Problems, and because of the water stains left on the factory inspection, it is normal.

Cleaning the soap dispenser - During use, impurities and dust in the soap can block the liquid outlet of the soap dispenser. Clean the soap box when the amount of soap is low. Warm water is added to the soap box first, and the liquid soap is released after being stirred evenly with the soap liquid, and then rinsed with warm water several times to wash the condensed soap liquid.