The Difference Between The Shaft Toilet Paper Holder And The Shiftless Paper Holder

- Jun 14, 2018-

Toilet paper holders on the market can arise out of the shaft type and the shiftless type. Shaft-type toilet paper holder includes a box body, a box lid, and a toilet paper rotating shaft whose box body can be bottomless or bottomed. The box body is firstly fixed at a place, and a center is wrapped with a cardboard hollow core. The toilet paper roll is worn on the toilet paper shaft, and the paper roll is pulled by hand. The toilet paper roll is rotated on its rotating shaft so that the paper head is pulled longer and longer, and then it can be torn off.

The shiftless type toilet paper holder includes only one box body and one box cover. The box body is placed under a bottom, and the box body is firstly fixed. The toilet paper roll is positioned in, and when the hand is used, the paper is pulled by hand, and the toilet paper roll holder is in the box. Roll inside, pull the longer the paper, then tear it off.

When using the above-mentioned toilet paper holder, when the toilet paper is removed from the toilet, there will be noticeable defects with serious waste. Since the toilet paper holder has no limit to the setting of the amount of paper taken at a time, people are inclined to pull it out and pull the toilet paper out for a long period of time. Although it is sufficient to say that there is less, more and more are no obstacles, they will tear down. Waste a little toilet paper is nothing, but there are more wasted people. Then, the waste is essential.

Aolq provide a toilet paper holder that can take toilet papers at a fixed size. It can make it more convenient for users to take paper, but it can also be subject to the restriction of paper taking, that is, it cannot take too much paper at the same time. To increase the role of waste.