Thanksgiving, Do You Understand The Customs Of Each Country?

- Nov 22, 2018-

Thanksgiving Day is a traditional Western festival created by the American people. It is the fourth Thursday of November every year and lasts until Sunday. Thanksgiving time varies from country to country, and the custom of Thanksgiving is different. Do you know the customs of each country about Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving Day is a traditional American holiday, designed to thank some people and things encountered in life. On Thanksgiving Day, every household in the United States must eat turkey, eat some traditional dishes, and celebrate the festival.

Canada and the United States are not on the same day of Thanksgiving, and Canadians are mainly grateful for the success of God. Thanksgiving Day is mainly for the harvest of the harvest, thanks to nature, thank God for the abundant sunshine.

The Thanksgiving Day in ancient Egypt, also known as the Harvest Festival, was held to commemorate their crops and gods. The parade was first held, and then the holiday banquet. At the same time, music, dance, sports and so on are also their celebrations. On this day they often pretend to cry, they are afraid that harvesting corn that is still growing will make the corn angry.

Although Thanksgiving is not a Chinese holiday, gratitude has always been a traditional Chinese culture. We may not be able to reunite with our family for various reasons, but we can use other means to thank our parents and friends, such as giving them aerosol dispensers, make their living environment better; send them soap dispensers to keep them away from bacteria and make their lives healthier. Thanksgiving, let us be grateful to parents and grateful friends.