Some Aspects That Must Be Watched When Choosing A Good Hand Dryer

- Jun 14, 2018-

Hand dryer with humanized design style, unique water tray design, to prevent the slippery floor. The appearance of elegant and elegant, is home, hotels, shopping malls, entertainment, restaurants and other places of preferred products!

1. The heating time of the gas, thereby increasing the heating efficiency of the gas flow at the nozzle.

2. Unique water tray design to prevent slippery floors

The attached removable water tray can greatly reduce the wet conditions of the toilet floor and reduce unnecessary accidents. The water tray also has a full water indicator, which is easy and quick to clean.

4. Infrared auto-sensing: The user does not need to touch any button, the operation is simple and quick.

5. Automatic hand dryer motor:

You should also pay attention to which type of motor is used for hand dryers.

6. Infrared sensing with automatic hand dryer:

When selecting electromagnetic induction hand dryers, it should be pointed out that such hand dryers are easily affected by the environment and objects. Choose a test machine when you buy, and select hand dryers that are not easily disturbed.

7. Automatic hand dryer power consumption:

Now hand dryers with fast speed, environmental protection and energy saving are wind-based, heat-assisted hand dryers. This type of hand dryer is characterized by high wind speed, which quickly blows off water from the hands, while the heating function only keeps the hand comfortable. Usually the air temperature is between 35-40 degrees. When you dry your hands quickly, there will be no burn.

8. Super dry performance

Improve wind speed and shorten drying time! About 5~9 seconds when hot air starts

Realize quick drying and greatly reduce operating costs

9. Antibacterial treatment

Inhaled air is purified through a super anti-allergy filter, making it more environmentally friendly and healthy!

10. Easy to clean, using antibacterial resin material, easier to clean.