Soap Dispenser Product Content Training Seminar

- Sep 23, 2018-

In order to better understand the company, understand the products, and serve the users, the company would conduct product content expansion training sessions on a regular basis every week, just as there will be product launches after the development of new products. Colleagues share their work experience, discuss learning together, and continue to learn and progress with the company.
Learn step by step according to the training process, constantly update knowledge, keep growing, constantly surpassing and enriching ourself. Learn the classification, characteristics, functions, methods of use, product improvement points and differentiation of soap dispensers. Such as classification can be divided into manual soap dispensers and sensor soap dispensers. Stainless steel soap dispensers and plastic soap dispensers can be classified according to materials etc. Some soap dispenser products are constantly updated with iterations and security upgrades, and We could quickly understand the product by looking for differences between products. Multiple product content trainings allow us to understand the differences and advantages between products in a comprehensive way, so as to better serve users.