Shenzhen Foreign Trade Association Seven Military Region PK Competition Summary Award

- Oct 20, 2018-

Today, the conclusion and award ceremony of the Seventh Military Region PK Competition of Shenzhen Foreign Trade Association officially began at 10 o’clock in Wanhui Building. 16 enterprises, 40 to 60 outstanding business personnel signed up to participate in the competition. Through daily reports of personal data, updates, summaries, form analysis, the one-month competition officially ended.

At 10:00 a.m., we summarized and shared the exhibition season, how the salesman should handle the customers carefully. After that, the exciting award ceremony officially began, awarded the trophies and prizes according to the ranking. We also congratulate Miss Guo, the outstanding salesman of AOLQ Company, on winning the trophies and prizes. The company is proud of you. You are the best. I hope to make further efforts in the future.

AOLQ congratulations on staff award