Regarding Life, I Don’t Want To Compromis.

- Jan 13, 2019-

Maybe you have heard this sentence: “If there was such a person in the world, everyone else will become compromise. And I don’t want to compromise.” Maybe you want to say what is compromise?
When you work, time is in a hurry, you are entangled in all sorts of cumbersome things, and you begin to compromise with life. When people around you start to fall in love, look at them sweet, friends and family urge you, You begin to compromise with love, just get married and make a living, so life goes on like this.

Perhaps you think, the life is very difficult, compromised life will be able to survive. In this homogeneous society, more and more people become the spokesman of“compromise”, “almost enough, don’t be so fastidious”seems to have become our pet phrase.

No, we need to be a little picky about life. And AOLQ wei yu can make the bathroom life that you want for you, need not compromise, should exquisite, fastidious pursuit of life in every detail. Do not compromise, is the best respect for life and the greatest enthusias.