Public Toilet Revolution, We Are Doing It.

- Nov 26, 2018-

Since 2001, the issue of toilets has come to more people’s attention, and the first toilet summit has been held in Singapore. Public toilets are important indicators to measure the civilization of a country, city or region. Improving the sanitary conditions of toilets is directly related to people’s health and environmental conditions. Good toilet experience is of great importance to every one of us. We have been adhering to and taking actions to improve the environment and user experience of public toilets.

A few years ago, public toilets were a symbol of “dirty, untidy and poor”. To solve the problem, the state has officially called for improving the environment of public toilets. In response to the call and give the user a better toilet use feeling, AOLQ constantly improve production technology, focus on research and development and production of various kinds of bathroom products, such as intelligent deodorization aerosol dispenser, induction soap liquid dispenser, induction paper dispenser, seat cover paper holder and other products, We will be more products use in public toilet, continuously improve the environment of public toilet, change more and more people the impression of a public toilet. In the near future, AOLQ sanitary ware will continue to improve the public toilet system, bring more users more convenient, fast and clean toilet environment, and make a contribution to the development of national public sector.