New Year's Day Year-end Cleaning, Bathroom Cleaning Has Coup.

- Jan 01, 2019-

Today is New Year’s day, in order to meet the New Year, Maybe we need to do a thorough cleaning. Bath, toilet... These look clean sanitation is provided inside, conceal the bacterium of hundreds of millions of actually, always threatening our health. Maybe you still don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, AOLQ teaches you how to clean. For different stains, the cleaning method is not the same.

Usually we should be the place that cleans relative clean first, if wash basin, bath crock to wait a moment, it is closestool next, do the ground to sweep finally, prevent to cause secondary pollution. How to remove the yellow stain on toilet surface? We can use cleaner or vinegar to go bilge, reoccupy closestool brush cleans, can clear the bilge inside closestool thoroughly.

If we do not clean the bathroom regularly, the bath tub or tile will be stained, it is difficult to remove. Encounter this kind of condition, we can soak the toilet paper in the diluted bleached water after diluting, apply next on bath crock or the tile. After a period of time again wet toilet paper is taken down, gently clean the applied area with water to remove stubborn dirt easily.

Sprinker are easy to accumulate scale, it is recommended to remove with vinegar, wash with hot water, immediately restore light.

Clean faucet can shave cream besmear on its surface, wipe with wet dishcloth next, rinse clean finally.

For other stainless steel paper rack or towel rack, you can use water and cloth to wipe.