Life Is Not Easy, Let Us Warm You Up.

- Dec 20, 2018-

Despite the continuous progress of society, the gap between the rich and the poor is getting bigger and bigger. Perhaps some people from childhood, not cannibal fireworks, but some people from birth will be tortured, people of different classes have different lives, different experiences. life is not easy, each has its own hardships.

Difficulties are not solved immediately because we smile, maybe you don’t understand. Have you ever seen that in the weather of minus 10 degrees, migrant workers take turns squatting on steaming manhole covers to keep warm. In the pouring rain, this soaked delivery boy, while calling to explain, while the rain was forced back, and finally without hesitation into the rain. All the way by train and bus, after 24 hours to go home for the New Year, the family reunion, after the end of the year, turned to leave. At that moment, the family’s eyes were infinitely nostalgic. Maybe we haven’t seen Beijing at three in the morning, maybe we don’t need to work all night, but we have a experience of crowded buses, raging crowds, and heavy pressure.

Maybe you have never experienced, maybe you are still ignorant of the youth, always look forward to a person said to go on a trip, but as the growing up, but often hate to face some strange environment, lonely, helpless and isolated, fewer and fewer friends, always feel abandoned by the world. This is the cruel life that most of us face, and we never know what will happen next.

However, even if life is not easy, it is good that both the bathroom and us are warm. After the end of the day, it becomes a place for us to unload the daytime fatigue, so that the tired heart can better go to the distance after the rest. Life is not just about survival, but poetry and the distance.