Life Is Cruel, But We Will Treat You Better.

- Jan 05, 2019-

Young of us, always too frivolous, too impetuous, like to pursue dreams, to the distance, but always wandering in reality, feel the vicissitudes of life. Want to wander far away, but always can’t withstand the wind and waves, step by step. Hope to insert wings, flying high, but exiled by time. You understand that life is too cruel and have to go back to your own circle.

Looking back at the past 2018, what have we gained and what kind of troughs have we encountered? One year’s time is not long, and short is not short. For most office workers, the daily trajectory of “two points and one line” is boring and tired. Fortunately, even after washing my hair after dragging my tired body back home every day, there was AOLQ hair dryer to warm you, easily driving away the tiredness of the whole day and reviving my vitality. Let us live in different places, in this cold winter will not be too sad.