How To Choose The Right Freshener In Different Spaces

- Jun 14, 2018-

With the expansion of the scope of application of aerosol dispensers, how to choose the right freshener for different environments has become a business concern.

The lobby of the hotel has been expanded to incense and it is recommended to use white tea aromatherapy. After all, it is relatively fresh, and its taste can make people feel relaxed. It is more suitable for the use of the hotel lobby to spread incense, especially for the office space of the hotel, which is more business people. If you want to create a warm and romantic environment, you can use lavender or black roses. The smell of lavender is warmer. Rose's words are a little thick. Some people may not be used to it. There are also some rosemary, but rosemary can help sleep and it's better to use it in a hotel room.

When we use the fragrance in our daily life, it is more dependent on our own preferences and so-called effects, such as the use of the ocean wind in light spots, the use of lemon flavor in toilets for the purpose of deodorization, or the use of lemon in order to help sleep in the bedroom. Lavender and so on. This approach is not wrong, but the fragrance of home fragrance, like the perfume sprayed on the body, different room should have their most appropriate fragrance. The fragrant space atmosphere thus created can be said to be better and more perfect.

The crowded and rushed pace of life of modern people often makes people breathless. How long does it take to breathe a fresh, natural air? Comfortable and peaceful space is the environment that we absolutely need when we are resting during work and relaxing on holidays. The lobby of the hotel spreads fragrance to change the atmosphere of the environment, and to make good use of the indoor fragrance to refresh the sense of smell. Regardless of which method or product, the use of Fragrance Products in the lobby of the hotel has become the current trend. For space where the indoor fragrance is applied, the concept that the fragrance is obscured is lost. Each home has a different taste. Different space such as the living room, bedroom, bathroom and entrance are used to decorate the space with different fragrances. Bring different flavors.

It is generally not recommended to use the different flavors in the same space. In a small space, the use of two or more flavors will produce odor, strange flavor combinations, may lose the original positive effect of the flavor. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid using different flavors in the same space.