How To Choose Paper Towel Dispenser?

- Jun 14, 2018-

What kind of material is good?

The paper holder is a minor role in our home life, but it also relates to the overall style of our home improvement and also relates to the ease of use we use so we can't be sloppy at the time of purchase. How to buy paper holder? The following will give you an one-by-one answer. I hope that you see the current can help.

At present, most of the plastic or metal materials are utilized to form a shell, and a paper roll or origami container is built-in or placed. Therefore, a paper towel holder is an essential product for each household furniture and office furniture and is suitable for home, hotel, bathroom, bathroom, and public use. Places, entertainment venues, and other public and mass places.

What kind of material is appropriate?

The paper frame material is mainly composed of plastic paper holders, metal paper holders, and wooden paper holders. Among them, there are stainless steel, alloy materials, copper and so on.

The advantages of synthetic paper holders are fashionable; the defects are weak materials and poor bearing capacity. The benefits of metal paper holders are the consolidation and durability. The drawbacks are relatively heavy and heavy. The advantage of a wooden paper towel rack is natural environmental protection; the defect is poor mold resistance, and the wet environment is not suitable.

How to buy paper holder?

1, toilet paper holder to buy skills: the bathroom environment is very humid, bath time is the splash, in order to no matter the impact of wet tissue paper is affected by the use of water, choose to have a design of the wall mounted paper holder. And nowadays many people are used to using the mobile phone in the toilet. It is better to have a rack design. Suitable materials for the bathroom are suitable for both stainless steel and plastic. Specially treated pure copper can also be utilized.

2, the kitchen paper holder to buy skills: The kitchen is not a small number of paper towels, but the kitchen space is more congested, a variety of kitchen utensils, it is best to choose not to occupy the topography of the simple paper holder. The material is recommended to use unnatural light and easy to use, but also suitable for the kitchen atmosphere. However, don't put the towel rack in the center too close to the source of water and fire.

3, restaurant paper holders to purchase skills: how can the restaurant's dinner table without a paper holder, here is the most suitable use of desktop paper holder, you can freely adjust the placement. After the meal is completed, it can also be put into the living room or bedroom. The most suitable material is, of course, logs. If the furniture in the home is mostly wood style, then this paper towel rack is a natural match.