How To Buy Stainless Steel Paper Towel Holder

- Jun 14, 2018-

Paper towel racks are generally placed in hotel bathrooms or guest bathrooms, and are indispensable items in hotel room amenities. All bathroom space, regardless of its size, there will always be more storage and storage space for you to discover.

Choose the right paper towel holder, paper towel holder is widely used in bathroom, kitchen, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, stations and other places, simple luxury design, stylish, noble, generous; structure is reasonable, firm, with or without lock Dual-use design prevents damage; keeps toilet paper clean and improves hygiene; installation and replacement are simple and convenient.

First, look at the paper towel rack material. From the material, the paper towels are stainless steel, alloys, plastic and other kinds. Aluminum is easily oxidized, alloys will rust, plastic will distort, and stainless steel cannot guarantee rust if quality is a problem. Copper does not have these problems with good plating. Especially the base, moisture-proof waterproof or copper is good. The

Second, the hardest part of choosing a paper towel dispenser is looking at the coating, because the average consumer, the layers look basically the same. Coating treatment is critical for copper pendants and it relates to product life, finish, and wear resistance. At the same time, the coating treatment is also the biggest cost apart from the copper blank in the copper pendant production process.

Third, look at the design of the paper towel rack. The paper towel rack used in the bathroom should pay attention to the waterproof design and keep the paper clean and dry. The product has a high degree of anti-aging and is durable. Suitable for bathroom, bathroom and other easy to install and use. The transparent and refreshing material can make the bathroom bright and clean.