Hotel Shopping Malls And Other Places Toilet Automatic Aerosol Dispenser Installation And Use

- Jun 14, 2018-

Many hotels have installed toilet automatic aerosol dispensers in the toilets, which may have been installed by the aromatherapy company, and may be installed by the installation company. So what is the installation procedure of the toilet automatic aerosol dispenser? This may not be well understood by everyone. Let’s take a look at the detailed introduction to you today.

Before installing the bathroom automatic aerosol dispenser, we must first determine the use of water-based essential oil fragrance, which is commonly known as the industry incense. It is the next step to install the toilet automatically:

1.Determine the installation location: bathroom automatic aerosol dispenser is generally installed in the toilet where the door, and the position is not easy to be too low, the installation position to allow adults to reach out of reach.

2.Punch mounting screws: Drill holes in the selected mounting position using electric drills and install screws. Special attention is paid to the use of wall tiles in toilets. It is imperative to select specific ceramic drill bits for drilling. Otherwise the ceramic tiles will break easily and affect the appearance.

3.The toilet toilet incense machine installation: the top of the dispenser behind the hanging hole is aligned with the hole on the wall to install the screw, the fragrant pull down the action, to confirm that the fragrant machine will not fall off firmly.

4.Start work: Install three AA batteries and water-based essential oils that have been selected before, and turn on the switch. It should be noted here that the fragrance concentration and the fragrance time can be adjusted according to the actual situation.