Hotel Aromatherapy Focus On Those Areas?

- Jun 14, 2018-

In the selection of the spread of hotel scent, the following areas are highlighted: hotel lobby, executive lounge, banquet hall, a hotel conference center, guest room, gymnasium, etc. Fragrance can be used in other areas.

Fragrance in the lobby of the hotel: The hotel's lobby is the only place where for guests to enter and leave. It is the first space to receive guests, and it is also the place that makes guests have a first impression of the hotel. The lobby of the hotel is a transportation center leading to other major public spaces of the hotel. It is the hub of the entire hotel. Its design, layout and unique atmosphere will directly affect the image of the hotel and its own functions. The function of the space in the hotel lobby can be used as the workplace of the main offices of the hotel's front office (concierge, baggage, reception, information, front desk cash register, business center, etc.), and can also be used as a hall, catering, conference, and atrium etc. Use it. These functions provide good objective conditions for the full use of lobby space and the creation of aroma in different places.

Hotel Conference Center: Assuming the task of convening major conferences at home and abroad, it needs to receive participants from different regions. The attendance of each meeting is large. The fragrance system will effectively relieve the oppression of the space and enhance the satisfaction of the participants. Degree and comfort. Conference center meetings are generally non-public areas, so it is advisable to use random portable incense sticking equipment.

Ballroom: The main use of the ballroom is for banquets, meetings, weddings, and displays. The use of the ballroom is characterized by a large number of people in a short period of time. Therefore, there should be direct export and independent halls. The use of the aromatherapy system can eliminate the ballroom. The smell is produced in the meeting, smoke smell. When you meet a wedding banquet, you can also increase the festive atmosphere. You can interpret the theme of each event as a conference center.

Gymnasium: The hotel gymnasium belongs to the hotel's supporting sport facilities, mainly to enrich the leisure life of the guests, to satisfy the leisure habits of some guests, and to increase the hotel service projects. The gym has an aerobic equipment training zone and an anaerobic exercise zone. sport can cause people to have to sweat and odor. In addition, there are more guests in the hotel gym in the evening and at night. Portable aromatherapy equipment can be used in the aerobics room and locker room. Randomly spread incense. Effectively decompose people and produce odors after exercise.