Healthy Hand Washing Day, Do You Remove Bacteria Today?

- Oct 15, 2018-

Do you disinfect the bacteria today? On October 15, the World Health Organization called on people all over the world to wash their hands, pay attention to personal and public health and stay away from disease. But even hand washing doesn't mean being completely free from bacteria and disease, which is closely related to the way you wash your hands and the liquid you use.
General water wash efficiency is low, and it is not enough to disinfect bacteria. Most of the soaps or hand sanitizers now purchased in supermarkets can effectively remove bacteria and help prevent disease, but most cannot be reused. But AOLQ has been committed to the development of public health products, to provide users with high-quality hand sanitizer products, a variety of styles, rich functions, can be applied to different places, not only safe and guaranteed, can be reused, while cost-effective, so that users buy comfortable, safe to use.